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Before and after...

Has it ever happened? You looked into the mirror and said: “With this I will never be able to set the world on fire!”

We are giving you advice: come to our prettifying salon and you will see that certainly you are not no-hoper!

Professional hair stylist and visagist will design a hairstyle, make-up, and clothes exactly for you. And we guarantee that you will not recognise yourself! Our specialists are really skilled at metamorphoses. You will feel better and you will feel more self-confident. And that is our and your point!

If you are not self-confident and you are not sure, take along your friend and come together. Two are better than one. We will have a cup of coffee, have a chat. And then we will get light on you.

We will convert you into a real fox. Unrivalled, high-class! Don’t you believe? As you like.. But without trust it is not possible to survive.
After all, what can we tell…

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Vojtěch Vlk

Gita Skaličková

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